Friday, 8 July 2011

Resource Hunting Expedition Today

We're having a day off making a mess in the house today. As it's raining and I have access to the family car for the day (a rare treat!) I asked the kids if they'd like to go out somewhere and do something. After explaining to the eldest that it was ok to go outside in the rain she decided on Ikea. Or, as she refers to it 'The Blue Castle', which if you have seen the Coventry store with its giant blue sides and flags on the top, does resemble a blue castle, slightly, if the onlooker happens to be 4 years old. This may sound like a dull shopping trip with the inevitable visit to the cafe for a free coffee for Mum & meatballs for the kids but no...this is a RHE - Resource Hunting Expedition.

I admit, I quite like shopping. Only in the sense that I enjoy hunting out bargains. In the same way I enjoy car boot sales or charity shops, I walk around Ikea looking at things and then wondering how I can make them into something else with the kids. An example of this would be duvet covers - Ikea did have some wonderfully cheap duvet covers that were about £3 (not sure if they still do them? Guess I'll find out soon!) Great fun for the kids to do potato painting on with a good old fashioned spud and some fabric paint. Even if you dont want to make a duvet cover, at that price you could chop it up and make bags, cushions...anything you fancy. Will report back after the expedition.....

Found a lovely link on How to make your own potato stamper...

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