Sunday, 10 July 2011

Another Visit to the 'Rainy Day' Cupboard

After a rather uninspiring visit to Ikea on Friday we have had to resort to the 'Rainy Day' cupboard again. This treasure trove is full of bits & bobs I've picked up on various shopping trips & then put away for when the children are particularly bored and dont want to play with anything else. Todays plug is for a fab item I found in Hawkins Bazaar but you can also get them here...

Animal & Monster Hand Tattoos - What a great idea! A little tricky to put on the first time but once you've got the hang of it (and as long as the children in question keep still long enough) they get easier with practice. It kept them amused for a suprising length of time I found. It's amazing what little stories they can make up with a transfer stuck to their hands and making their animal or monster talk by moving their fingers like crab pincers. Just the sort of thing you can shove in a day bag if you're going on a train journey or something. Dont forget to take a bottle of water, a flannel or something to mop any excess water and a little sponge. Sorry it's not a great photo but that's partly because I'm right handed and my right hand is in the picture.....well, I had to join in!

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