About Me

My name is Sarah, I'm a wife and mother to two little girls. I'm sure once upon a time there used to be more on my CV but really, that's all that's important to me these days.

I gave up work when I had my first child to be a stay at home Mum. I found out I was expecting my second child when number one was just 9 months old. I now have two very lovely children just 18 months apart and love (nearly) every minute of being their mum.

I have always been a crafty person, ever since I was a very small child. One of my earliest memories was my Dad taking me to see ET at the cinema (yes, giving my age away now). On returning home my Mum asked me if I'd enjoyed the film. My response was to quietly sit in the corner and faithfully reproduce the 'phone-home' unit that ET devised to contact his pals, out of bits of cardboard & any old junk I could lay my hands on.

I realised that having two children so close together was going to be a challenge, and it was. It's getting easier the older they get but there are still times when we REALLY need an activity to do and sods law says when all you want to do is open the back door and chuck them into the garden to play with the ants nest, it's going to be minus 10 and blowing a gale, in July.

And so....I started this blog, partly to challenge myself to come up with new ideas to entertain my little darlings and because some nutty friends of mine said 'hey - that's a good idea - I'd read that on a blog.....'

I hope you enjoy reading about our crafty and not so crafty nonsense.

CraftyMum x