Thursday, 18 August 2011

Summer holidays continued.....

Sorry, not been around much of late - we've been off on our hols! Sunny (or not so sunny) Cornwall and then a few days in Somerset on the way home. The kids are still full of energy from their daytrips to various places, Pony stables, Aquarium, Farm etc etc. I havent really had to use much imagination this week (as far as arranging activities for them goes) as they've been more than happy to document all the fun they've been having by putting pen to paper and drawing their adventures for their grandparents to see. They've also been happily making collages of their adventures too - my 4 year old having particular fun creating scenes from the Aquarium using scraps of paper to make seaweed and rocks.

Top Tip - I did pick up a few extra brochures of the places we visited so that when we got home they can use them in their collages / scrapbooks.

One of the places we visited on our holiday was The Eden Project - well worth a visit. The kids were quite interested in the different areas and were asking questions about the trees, plants & flowers growing. They especially enjoyed the small craft area and the outdoor water play area which are both things that can be done at home using everyday bits and bobs from around the house. We thought it was pretty good value for money too as we bought an annual gift pass which admits 1 guest free and as our kids fall into the 0 - 4 category they were free too! Book online to get a discount. If you're down that way - definately give it a go!

My youngest enjoying the water play area at The Eden Project

Hope the summer holidays are going well for you - they seem to be flying by for us!